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Our patented trading algorithm that analyzes billions of market variables 1 millionth of a second before your final auto trade expires If the IOP detects a risk within our parameters of over “zero point zero zero one%” it places another trade in the opposite direction. The end result if the original trade goes the opposite way to what we expected is a COUNTER TRADE .So you are always guaranteed an Insured Outcome.


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Our servers allow our trading software to spot small changes in trading conditions 3 millionths of a second before the fastest Wall Street traders


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Frequently Asked Questions
What should I expect?
1K in 1Day members generally earn $1,000 each day or $365,000 each year.
How many hours a day does it take?
Members average an hour of work every day.
What is the maximum I could make?
You are free to work as much as you’d like and there are no limits to how much you can earn.
What are the additional fees?
There are NO hidden fees and you can keep 100% of your profits.
What is the minimum bid per trade?
The minimum bid per trade is only $25, so you don't risk your funds.

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